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Forms must be postmarked by February 28th
The criteria for the award are as follows:
1. Has been instrumental and/or influential to the South Dakota Horse Industry.
2. Please include the number of years the nominee has been involved in the horse industry and any accomplishments and contributions that you feel make the nominee eligible for the South Dakota Horseperson of the Year Award. Supporting documents may accompany this form.

The South Dakota Horse Council, Inc. is organized strictly as a non-profit corporation without pecuniary gain or benefit to its members or to any private individual and:
  • Organized to further the common interests of the horsepersons of South Dakota
  • To serve as means of communication within the industry where unity and strength are needed.
  • To monitor legislation and administrative decisions which would have an impact on horses or horsepersons.
  • To promote interest in horse related activities.
President: Gene Carr, Box 25, Hayti, SD, 605-783-3832
Vice President: Doug Nickel, Canistota, SD, 605-370-1607
Secretary: Jo Waldner, 1805 Edgebrook Circle, Brookings, SD
Treasure: Walter Schafer, Winfred, SD
Directors elected to serve through 2019:

Jessica Carr
Brandon Kinney
Machelle Bonde
Joe Rowe

Directors elected to serve through 2018:
Doug Nickel
Walt Schaefer
Mike Olson
Robin Mathison

Directors elected to serve through 2017:
Gene Carr
Jo Waldner
Janice Cronin
Richard Waldner

Directors elected to serve through 2016:
Jessica Carr
Brandon Kinney
Machelle Bonde
Carly Wettlaufer

SDHC Membership Form - Dues Individual and Club
Outstanding Member Award Nomination Form
Horse Person of the Year Nomination Form
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