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Jim Hootman

Jim Hootman, Horseperson of the Year 2019

Jim Hootman was born and raised in Fairfield, IA. He was a “city kid” so didn’t have access to horses of his own, but that all changed as his mentor, Bill DuBois and his wife, Jess, made a “trade-in-kind”. They had horses but needed a strong young man to help around the place and, in turn, for Jim’s help and dedication he would have the opportunity to work with their horses. Thus 60+ years ago Jim was smitten with the “incurable syndrome” called Horse Crazy. One of the horses that did well for Jim and got his competitive juices flowing was a mare called Cindy Dawson. Jim and Cindy were tough in the show ring and brought many trophies and ribbons for their efforts.

As Jim grew older, the “horse crazy syndrome” never left him, but, as is the case with many young men, he began to notice a cute little girl by the name of Kathryn. Jim and Kathryn were soon paired up and married. Together they had two daughters, Susan and Kary whom they raised with the same love of horses that brought them together. The girls showed at open shows in the tri-state area and in the SD Quarter Horse Assn. along with jim and Kathryn. As Susan and Kary grew up and were married they had children of their own. Susan with one and Kary with two. Now Jim and Kathryn were grand parents and it just wouldn’t be right if this next generation didn’t have a chance to get to know and love the American Quarter Horse as they had for so long. So the AQHA and SDQHA became part of the mortar that held this family together, even with the very premature passing of Kathryn in 2018 after 53 years of marriage. But as she would have wished the family was showing in the SDQHA within days following her funeral. But now she would be guiding them from above.

The third leg in the Jim Hootman stool was made up of his talent and dedication as Store Manager and Director for the HyVee Food Conglomerate. When you walked into a store that Jim managed, there truly was “ a smile in every aisle”. He was consistently one of the “top” managers year after year.

So Jim’s life is kind of a three legged stool. Family first, HyVee second (so he could afford the third leg), the American Quarter Horse. Jim has had many state and national winners. Horses like Mr. Good Bar, April Star Jackie, Miss Kane is Invited aka. Oakey, and many more including many successful Futurity Colts.

Through the years Jim has brought prominence back to South Dakota both nationally and at the state level. He has served on many committees such as the Judge’s Committee, Nominations and Credentials, Show Committee, Amateur Committee and as a National Director and presently, Director Emeritus. He holds a strong belief that our youth are the future of the equine industry. Consequently he does everything within his power to include the young people in all decisions large and small that may affect the industry.

The SD Horse Council is very proud to name Jim Hootman as “Horseman of the year for 2019”

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